COURSE ONE: (free for all students & parents)

Learn and explore our amazing brain

In this course children are taught about their amazing brain. With this strong foundational scientific knowledge it helps them to make positive and empowered choices in their life.

In Course One we will cover:

  • Clear Minded For Life

    Clear Minded For Life techniques are taught to assist children in finding a state of calm and help optimise learning potential.

  • Neural Pathways

    How the brain processes information and builds neural pathways. We learn about the nerve cells, synapses and neuroplasticity.

  • Our thoughts are powerful

    Reality is an individual and unique representation of how someone perceives and interprets information.

  • It is not the eyes that see, it is the brain.

    Discover the power of visualisation and how thoughts impact others. What you are projecting affects reality.

  • Questions are important!

    How asking questions helps to engage new ideas and creative potentials.

Learn about your incredible brain

In Course One, these ten short, self-paced modules cover information on our incredible brain and its innate capacity.

School of New Thought

Truth Love Freedom Joy

Introduction to Session Three

Stepping stones to the future

At the School of New Thought

We are adventurers exploring new and exciting concepts.

  • Componentry of the amazing human brain, neuroplasticity, and DNA that resonates with the evolution and future changes in the consciousness and the form.

  • The fundamentals of quantum physics, techniques for manifestation, and the power and brilliance of a benevolent passionate, wilful, and focussed mind.

  • Clear Minded for Life Program - based on the science of the brain it teaches children techniques that empower and enhance their ability to focus. It is all about unconditional love, recognising the divine within all, and venturing into future unknowns.

  • Being responsible and sovereign manifestors aware of their innate divinity and who understand individual creation and co-creation in alignment with universal laws, in balance and harmony with nature, and creation that always holds the essence of life.

  • The concept of new and unique thought and our connection with others on the earth plane and dimensionally.

Travellers in time with expansive unlimited minds

Responsible empowered and sovereign creators always aligned with the essence of life that become the architects, builders, scientists, engineers, and designers of the future magnetised to new thought.
Staring into your limitless potential